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Wild Goose Chase-2 Lyrics

Artists: Nat King Cole

Album: The MacGregor Years, 1941-1945-1

We're off on a wild goose chase
We will be no stranger to danger the squadron will show no fear

We're off and no matter where we roam
Although the mind boggles this gaggle in goggles
Is sure to find your home

Runway's clear
Prepare for takeoff dear
We must
Play our

Hark at him
I fear his cabin lights are rather dim

Chocks away
Our air display
Must start

We're off on a wild goose chase
And our simple mission position the whereabouts of your farm
We're off and unless we're blown into kingdom come
We won't be back until we've found your mum

But we don't even know where his farm is,
Dear, how are we going to plan the route?

Don't worry dear I'll navigate!

That's what I was afraid of

We're off on a wild goose chase
It's a flightless task but we ask
Who could do it as well as we
We're off, need to solve this problem's cracks
For what could be grander
Than having a gander
For AWOL missing ducks

Hello ducky! I thought I lost you!

Stand back or I'll peck!

Ooh, be still my quaking legs, I'm going to be goosed!

What are you doing here?

Your mother sent me to fetch you- special envoy

Listen here, I am in command around here,
And I have taken personal charge of the duckling's
Safe return to his mother

Well I wouldn't try flying at the moment,
Haven't you heard the guns?

We will commence maneuvers as soon as the shooting party is over

Well, maybe I could be of assistance. I'll go over to the shoot,
And let you know when there packing up for the day

Very well, but no funny business,
I know several ways to skin your type

It's like taking candy from a baby

We're off on a wild goose chase

You may think it odd
That a squad
Such as ours
Can perform this run

We're off,
And we'll prove that's not the case

Avoiding the ack,ack
We'll search for this quack, quack
And then return to base

We're about to face the most perilous mission to date.
I need hardly to tell you of the risks involved,
Or of the ultimate
Price we may have to pay. as we fly on to glory,
I want you to know how very proud I am of this squad.
Keep a stiff upper beak men, and remember out motto.
"siempre victorium non patte dufoi gra"

Good afternoon ladies and gentelmen, my name is ,
And I am your senior flight attendant,
And on behalf of captain ,
I would like to welcome you to this afternoon's flight
From a boggy marshland to some...far flung farm. we will be
Cruising at an altitude of several feet
And flying in a rather attractive v-formation.
In the unlikely event of an emergency landing,
We ask that you observe the safety procedures we've been through so many,
Many times before.
We hope that you have a pleasant journey,
And thank you for choosing "goose air- the fluffy skies"

We're off to ensure this duckling is not so glum,
We won't be back until we've found your-

The coast is clear- they're putting away their guns!

Are you sure?

On one of my lives

Alright men, final check. oh, and here's the 's parachute

F-f-for me?

You don't think I was going to leave you here with the duckling so you?
Oh no, puss, you're coming with us!

Oh litter!

Our wings are spread

So don't delay

Our excess bags are stowed away
It's time
To fly

We're off on a wild goose chase
With a happy ending impending
If we can love his nest

They're off to try and find the farm
And when they find the farm they'll find my mum
And then she'll be there forever every day

We're off cheerio, goodbye, toodlepip old chum,
We won't be back until (we won't be back until [wont be back])
We won't be back until we've found (found [found])
Your mum!
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