Smoke 'N' Drank Lyrics

Artists: E-40

Album: In a Major Way

(Spit that shit)
Durrin' a playa' like my youth
I think I recall when I got my first tooth
I was a teeny little ol teether lil old pever little bitches
Some like a little further on down the line
Started fuckin' with moonshine, all kind of wines
Stood in front of the liquor house sokin up kidney, from old timers
Buy me a drank man I know it's against the law be a good sport liquor sport
What you need my little comrad a packet of Kool-aid and some throw up
What else? A pack of Bb's and a short naked Night Train
Whatchu gonna give me? A couple of foodstamps that I won in a dice game
'Preciate it playa', I'm up out of this bitch bout to go hook up
With my side hill now them shits relatives simple ones kinfolks
Good folks, y'know, y'know
Twisted, slogan, me and my fools be out there back pervin
Tor' back on your face and started to roll over

Let's perv, throw up, and drank again
Let's get high, loaded, and smoke again
Let's perv, throw up, and drank again
Let's get high, loaded, and smoke again

Just wakin' up from my hang-over
Still high, like I swallowed an ounce of
Yola"coke" I don't wanna ever be sober
Like payin' tuishin', wake up in the same position, open up the safe
Peep the stash, lookin' mighty healthy, plenty of cash
Grabbed my faulty"cell phone" from up out the charger
And then boutsta make a dash called up the folks today is the day
For my nigga's birthday twelve o'clock come through gon' get beat
By who? By them hog mark niggas in the cleats
We's deep, no remorse no feelings retardos no sorrow
Drink it til your motherfuckin' insides turn holow to cross and wallow
Back to back, struck and strikin', that's your job (that's your job nigga)
To make you lift this tick, fuck it nigga blow a bottle

Let's perv, throw up, and drank again
Let's get high, loaded, and smoke again
Let's perv, throw up, and drank again
Let's get high, loaded, and smoke again

Room spinnin', dead
Got the garbage can next to the bed
Now I was tweakin' off that old crazy ass commercial on BET Jackie Stallone
What made it so bad is I don't even know how I got home
Niggas ain't feel me y'know fuck this sergeant general
When they peoples be lookin' like that indo
Viktaa barren, purple kushdo
Smob with me I'm tryin' to told ya like you get to perkin'
Ride to me I'll teach you some of this game that I be twerkin'
Pull this motherfucker over main, you probably gotta go piss again
Don't even sweat it though just be on the lookout for so-and-so
Now whatchu be callin'' them po-po's? Tedelknows
Penelope's, grill up out of this bitch man
I got warrants, let's go get some Hen main
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