Lights, Cameras, Action Lyrics

Artists: Bun B

Album: Trill O.G (Screwed & Chopped)

Well its Bun B performin' live, one night only (one night only)
Come on through and kick it with your trill homie
Showtime's midnight, we ready as we gonna be (be)
A packed house and you know it's all on me (me)
You've seen the flyers, zone in the mix, now you wanna get in the mix
It's cool, get in line and get ya tixs (tixs)
But don't forget to buy your VIP pass
So you can get a picture (picture), soon as you see me pass (me pass)
And when we pull up to the back door
And they know the King of the trill is in the building, it's a wrap bro
Go DJ, let 'em know we in the house
It's official, we came to turn it out, no doubt

We need lights (lights), so you can see me live on stage
We need cameras (huh), put me on your Facebook page
We need action (what?), happens when you pass me the mic
And I can give the people just what they like
Well alright

We need lights (lights), cameras, action, it's on
We need lights (lights), cameras, action, it's on
We need lights (lights), cameras, action, it's on (action, it's on)
O-o-on (on), o-o-on (on)

We in the dressing room posted
Drinks in the air get toasted, sweets in the air get roasted
Promoters askin' for a signed poster
Take a picture with my wife, get a little closer (little closer)
Now say 'cheese' (cheese), we smile, wait a second, laugh (laugh)
I ain't trippin' (trippin'), long as I got my second half (half)
And Below's noddin' (noddin') and Nina's all good
So I pour some 'II Trill', take a shot to the noggin
Couple Texans in the house (house), some Rockets and some 'stros too (too)
They representin' for the city like they 'sposed too (too)
I hear the opening act, it's on it's last song
Gladiators buy 'em up, time to mash on

Alright y'all, it's about that time (about that time)
The DJ tells the crowd yo and he ain't lyin' (he ain't lyin)
This is the moment that we all been waitin' on
Real recognize real, nobody got they hatin' on
It's showtime and the venue off the chain (chain)
Wall to wall people and they crunk for me mayne (crunk for me mayne)
We backstage gettin' ready for the crowd
Ask 'em who they wanna see, they say my name real loud (loud)
They make me feel proud after all these years
We can still pack the place, hearin' all these cheers (cheers)
Say a little prayer as I drop to one knee (knee)
Comin' to the stage, give it up for Bun B
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