Jewelry-2 Lyrics

Artists: Gucci Mane

Album: Gucci Mane In Wonderland


please let me floss my jewelry
So much ice make ya eye sight blury
Jewelry, have on too much jewelry
Neva too much neva too much so much
Jewelry, this ant even half my jewelry
It's gettin kinda cold n here I'm serious
Jewelry, please let me rock my jewelry
Everybody starring 'cause we rockin' big jewelry

(verse one)
Jewelry,people see me rock big jewelry
My jewelry talk 4 me baby girl don't you hear it?
Serious, this ain't even half my jewelry
Red dimond charm's on it's period
Fear it, so many people it's very very slight flaws in my necklace
Put my dawg on it, put me on hard 4 seconds
Tell my auntie to bring all my bracelets
Nu piece coming its gone hurt dey faces
OJ flexin wid da blue n white Jacob
Jacob, how you think we got da boy a bank up
So Icey CEO is covered like make-up,Gucci, uhh

(verse 2)

Say,Gucci Mane please can I have it or wear it
Don't touch it, baby look, but don't grab it
Flash it,kodak moment boo cath it, guard it, hope she treat it like its important, rollin, ill rush ya 4 taylor lil shawty
Homie over there is holding down a glock 40
Party, everybody in here balling
Blanging,everybody chain in here swanging
Hanging, damn I wish I had 9 pankies(pinky fingers)
Twankies,popping pills and rolling up stankies
Dis corner over here ant nuttn but iced out gangstas
Iced out ears,chest,wrist and finggaz
Finggaz,why you think we holding our bangaz
We gangstas,why you think we twisting
Fingaz, fingaz,why you think we holding our bangaz
We gangstaz,why you think we twistin our finggaz, So Icey

(verse 3)

My jewelers known to over do us
Floridaz,white diamonds and cuttaz
He's an arrogant muthafucka
If you swang dis boy you gotz ta hustle
Cocaine da box wid da hamma n da muscle
300,000 rubbaz n da dresser
Snitches,bitches,fakes n bustaz
Ketchup diamonds,yellow mustard
Gotta jewelry box man I gotta jewelry dresser
VPS rocks all n my bezzas
VPS rocks all n her bank up
All black jacob look like a panther
When you iced up you can't talk to strangers
VPS rocks all in my finggaz
I'm so iced out I can't talk to strangers, So Icey

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