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Florida-1 Lyrics

Artists: Jaheim

Album: Appreciation Day

Now I've got a story that I want to share with you
Of a young man name Tray he was on his way
Till that fatal day, well well well
It was 7:12 PM Travon’s girl call to speak to him, yeah yeah yeah
He was standing outside his daddy's home
He was all alone, on the cellphone
About 7:16 the call goes dead
Travon’s on the struggle now
He was lyin' on the ground
Fighting to save his life, and as the gun went off
He got hit in the chest and the neighbor who shot him confessed
And the saddest part about this he was only 17
He didn't even lived his dream.

Ohh, (no) Florida something's very wrong (aw Yeah)
Need to know, what's going on?
(What's going on?) Can we make this house a home,
Oh (oh) Florida can I talk to you?
Can we walk and have an interview
(Every time I turn around something is going, is going down)Florida this land is overdue

Did I, did I say that he was unarmed
How could a baby cause any harm,
With no weapon insight now you know that ain’t right
All he has was his candy in hand (his skittles) candy
What about the family (his brother)
His father, sister and Manny
It's so hard to let go, what you can't control
May his soul rest in peace
But I hope and pray (I hope, I hope and pray) on judgement day
To have it all your way
And I know, I know, I know it won't bring back your baby
Sebrina and keep your head up lady
Brother Tracy be strong
For Travon,
And the worst part about is
He was only 17, didn’t even live his dream.

Ohh, (ohh) Florida something's very wrong (they didn’t have to take his life)
Need to know, what's going on?(Please tell me)
Can we make this house a home,
Oh (oh) Florida can I talk to you? (Can we march all over this land)
Can we walk and have an interview
Florida this land is overdue

So Florida don't make me cry
For I got leave your way bye bye
White sandy beaches and wind,
Where the sun doesn't' burn my skin
I talk with your first cousin Georgia
Heard what happened from the news reporter
You're surrounded by clouds, thunder and lightening sounds and now the sun is falling down

Tell me why you don't love your black babies the same
Why you be calling them out of the name?
Where the son of a judge can hold a grudge and take a life away
And be free the next day
Feels like a hurricane
The weather so strange.

Ohh, Florida something's very wrong
Need to know what's going on?
Can we make this house a home,
Oh oh Florida can I talk to you?
Can you walk and have an interview
Florida this land is overdue
Oh my my my my my
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