Threshold Celebrates Six Years

Threshold Celebrates Six Years

How is the future built? From where? What is the sound form it will have? Is it possible to think that music has a future? Rolando Hernández and Guddini Cortina are far from being clairvoyants, but for six years, when they coincided in a kind of festival called ÜBG (Übergangsraum), created by Rolando Hernández, María Torres, Aimeé Theriot and Juan García, where Hernández and Guddini Cortina they created a set together and since then both went to work in the construction of another possible future.

That collaboration that began under the name of Umbral will be six years old, which will be celebrated with a series of activities, on November 27 and 28, in the Museum of the City of Querétaro and 29 in Mercury Activities, plus an exhibition in collaboration with Escandalar (Bajío 53, Col. Roma), one more with La Cueva and a picnic in the second section of Chapultepec.

Threshold could be defined as a border zone, it is the initial part of an activity, so it is always in the process of redefinition and begins with the preparation of each of the line ups that have given it body over 72 months, of such that these become a declaration of principles, a statement .

The substance of this project, which among other qualities has decentralization, is in adventure, experimentation, risk; It is an artistic work that although it has its main reason for being in the sounds, it does not limit itself to these and expands its universe to the letters, to the cinema – in one of the sessions, in collaboration with La Cueva, the film El Noise are the houses of Luciana Foglio and Luján Montes, a portrait of the experimental scene of Buenos Aires—, dance and facilities.

Threshold began its activities in YUME, a coffee of the Escandón colony, and the sessions had to be very “discreet”, so as not to disturb the neighbors; then, when the needs were greater, they moved to Mercury Activities. However, anniversaries are held outside of Mexico City and, like monthly sessions, include exponents from different backgrounds. For the sixth anniversary, the poster is composed of artists from Mexico, Argentina, Chile, the United States, Austria and Canada.

Recently, Rolando Hernández commented that for him “possibly the term experimental music is rather a category and a way of doing in the process of being historical”, a perception that fortunately leaves out those who for the fact of using technology or not being Tonal labels their projects “as experimental or sound art when there is really no formal experimentation in music or installation.”

For Guddini Cortina, the other mastermind behind Threshold, “experimenting is a trance of multiplicity, the essential thing now is coercion, strength or power. The general idea of ​​becoming sensitive towards the inside of a work is a sound act rather than reproducing the sound ”.

The poster of the sixth anniversary of Umbral is a wide mosaic of the experimental vericuetos that which ribs travel the world of the underground . For this occasion Miguel Francisco, Turning Torso, Alina Maldonado, Rocío Cerón, Sound of the Mountain, Oscar Escalante, IDM Theftable, Carmen Ixchel Maya and Michael Winter have been summoned among others.

Also, in collaboration with Escandalar, the Future P oems xhibition exhibition by Stefan Voglsinger will be held and the presentation of the 2019/0 book by Manfred Werder, edited by This is A Book in Sala Antena (Álvaro Obregón 49).

Threshold, Sixth Anniversary. November 27 and 28, Museum of the City of Quer é taro; November 29, Mercury Activities (Á lvaro Obreg or n 240, Col. Roma).