The Private Life of Tune-Yards

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I met Tune-Tards (or tUnE-yArDs) in the video of a presentation “live”, in the times of your debut album Bird Brains , 2009. I enthusiasm its music, based on the intensive use of percussion, and I loved his staging, in particular the performance of its most visible face, the sensational singer and drummer Merrill Garbus, with her strange clothing, her wonderful voice, its loops, its rhythms and movements of african dance and its fun performance.

I confess that despite the fact that I liked it so much, I didn’t follow the trajectory of the project, in reality a duet that Garbus shape to the side of the great bassist Natt Brenner (who has a touch funkie sensational and was added in 2011 to make the album W H O K I L L). In 2014 there would come a fantastic long-term Nikki Nakk, considered by many scholars as his best work, due to its greater versatility and the support of producers as well as Malay and John Hill.

I just rediscover to Tune-Yards, nine years after that first meeting, thanks to the recent release of his fourth album, the great I Can Feel You Creep Into My Private Life (4AD, 2018), a work that is vibrant and sophisticated, with a high critical content in the lyrics of Merrill Garbus, which touch upon themes that have to do with the politics and culture of the second half of this decade and, although there is seriousness in what is being said, the duet (because Brenner still with her and her contribution as a bass player is essential) prevents any solemnity, and part of the fun and danceable songs, a characteristic sign of Tune-Yards, stays fresh and authentic, which is appreciated.

That way we can openly enjoy of themes polirrítmicos as good as the opener and glorious “Heart Attack”, “Look at Your Hands”, “Hammer”, “ABC 123” and “Private Life”, between a dozen excellent cuts. The arrangements are of a perfection and elegance sublime, without ever losing the primitive essence of the beats, the rhythm contagious, which gives its stamp to the music of the duet.

I Can Feel You Creep Into My Private Life is a highly recommended album, very enjoyable, for its innovative style and his irresistible proposal. A great way to start the new year by Merrill Garbus and her Tune-Yards.