The Cabinet is Renewed

The Cabinet is Renewed

In 2006, Daniel Aspuru (Secretary of Culture in saxophone, Indian tabla, synthesizers, percussions and voice) formed together with Kristian Galicia (Secretary of Defense in electric and acoustic guitar, electronic sequences and voice) and Enrique Gil (Secretary of Energy in guitar electric, acoustic, guitar synth and voice) The Cabinet. In the book The other Mexican rock its principles were established: “We were initially formed by the fact of creating music, but the social environment of the moment was so strong that the fact of arriving at the rehearsals with newspaper in hand and with the fury in the entrails, made us react artistically to the situation in the country ”.

A year later his debut appeared, a namesake plaque. For the recording of Passing oil (2010), the group became a quartet with the addition of Hugo Trejo (Secretary of Tourism) in percussion, voice and live audio engineering. They followed stills of a great city (2012), music for the film Berl ín. Symphony of a large city of Walter Ruttmann and, in 2016, The X Anniversary Cabinet , recorded at the Esperanza Iris Theater (a USB with music and video, of which few copies were made presented in a small wooden box accompanied by Mexican cypress seeds). This year they published, only in digital format, l Oblates, soundtrack of the documentary of the same name directed by Acelo Ruiz and winner of the Audience Award and Best Director at the Guadalajara Film Festival.

Now, the Cabinet, increased and renewed with the presence of percussionist Andi Pupato whose track record, among others, includes Andreas Wollenweider, Javier Ruibal, Michael Bolton and Jose Luis Monton- Launches State ag é ntico , a plaque will begin to circulate October 18 on platforms, but of which they will record a live version on October 26 at the November Studios, which will be released in a double vinyl at the beginning of next year (the state of the art, according to Stanley Milgram, its discoverer , it is a state in which human beings become agents of an organization and by following the manual rules we begin to perform disastrous actions and when we make it conscious, we change our relationship with everyday life).

Daniel Aspuru tells some details: “We have made a great friendship with Andi Pupato and since 2016 we have occasionally performed concerts. Since we started rehearsing for the concert of the 10th anniversary of El Gabinete, we felt an immediate click , both he and us. The idea of ​​recording a new album together came from both sides. ”

Like other groups that explore music from other non-commercial areas, El Cabinete is not a band that can be found frequently live, but to which the scenarios seem to suit him. Aspuru points out: “The X anniversary disc is a compilation of many live recordings that we made for several years. In March of this year we recorded the new album that we will be presenting in Oaxaca, at the Macedonio Alcalá Theater and at the November Studios. For concert on October 26, we will record the same issues of state ag é ntico, but in a version with public to, later, in 2020 edit a double vinyl. The first will contain the recording in studio and the second the same music with subtle changes, but recorded in front of the public and after the concerts of the tour, so it will be a more loose sound. ”


State ag é ntico shows the group at a very solid level. In relation to his previous productions, it can be read as a watershed, it sounds very different. The composition that opens it, “Oracle”, is a contemplative theme, a cut that foreshadows mystery and establishes the general tone of the work. “Cells” is a track in which the first forms of life are raised and tends to be brighter, even playful. In the music of the quintet, the guitar seems to be the helm, but it has a way of wrapping that makes the incorporation of the other instruments very subtle and they apparently go unnoticed; however, when we realize, we are already wrapped in a finely woven sound network and a good example of this is “Behind Bambalinas”.

The Cabinet likes concerts in small, intimate forums, in which, in addition to having facilities that allow them to reproduce their sound in the best way, be the music the true protagonist, because it requires states of total attention that allow to capture the nuances of each of the compositions. It is an experience that should be witnessed and that is reinforced with the audiovisuals that, for years, usually present on any stage.

The Cabinet presents an Aghentic State on October 25 at the Zinco Jazz Club; On October 26 they will record live what will be the vinyl for a reduced attendance of 40 people. Reports on the website of the Cabinet.