The 10 Tracks of Easy Rider

The 10 Tracks of Easy Rider

Known in Mexico with the absurd title of Finding my destiny , the iconic and legendary cult film Easy Rider , directed by Dennis Hopper and starring himself (Billy) and Peter Fonda (Captain America), is celebrating half a century of having been released to become, instantly, one of the great cinematic milestones of the sixties. This great road movie-Which tells the adventures of two motorcyclists who travel the roads of the southern United States, to reach New Orleans and attend the Mardi Gras party- has the addition of a fantastic and more than representative soundtrack, with a dozen of songs by such important groups as The Byrds, Steppenwolf, The Band and The Jimi Hendrix Experience, among others, which gave up the rights to their compositions so that this independent film could be performed. Here are the ten themes of this film that is currently available on the Netflix platform.


1.- “Born to Be Wild”. Steppenwolf The emblematic song of Easy Rider and the emblematic song of Steppenwolf. A song of freedom and rebellion as they were conceived in the sixties. In addition, the first time that the expression heavy metal was mentioned in the history of rock, before the genre itself existed: “I like smoke and lightning / Heavy metal thunder / Racin ‘with the wind / And the feelin’ that I ‘m under. ” An absolute classic.

2.- “The Pusher”. Steppenwolf If Steppenwolf, with everything and his artistic greatness, remains in the memory of many, it is largely thanks to his musical participation in Easy Rider with a couple of themes. The second is the sensational and almost hypnotic “The Pusher”, an angry claim against traffickers and sellers of hard drugs, although a claim (very current today) of marijuana use.

3.- “The Weigh”. The Band A beauty, a classic piece of the best folk rock, great composition of another legendary group: The Band, with the great Robbie Robertson in the lead. The finesse embodied in this Canadian quintet.

4.- “I Wasn’t Born To Follow”. The Byrds More good folk rock with one of its fundamental exponents: The Byrds. A song with a very hippie lyrics and perfect to be heard while traveling on the road. In short: a beautiful road song .

5.- “If You Want to Be a Bird”. The Holy Modal Rounders. A group from the New York Greenwich Village that has been almost completely forgotten. His psychedelic folk does not cease to be curious, however, as exemplified by the circus, canteen, very honky tonk, and a bit out of tune “If you want to be a bird.”

6.- “Don’t Bogart That Joint”. Fraternity of Man. A nice country song by this Californian quintet in which the singer ‘s voice asks his friend who do not stay with carrujo of grass and role ( “do not bogart That joint, my friend / pass it over to me ”). A total and gracefully massive theme .

7.- “If 6 Was 9”. The Jimi Hendrix Experience. It is not the best version of this splendid Hendrix song, contained in his Axis album : Bold as Love (1967), a great song about valemadrismo (“If the sun refuse to shine / I don’t mind, I don’t mind / If the mountains fell in the sea / let it be, it ain’t me /… / Now if 6 turned out to be 9 / I don’t mind, I don’t mind / If all the hippies cut off all their hair / I don’t care, I don’t care / ‘cos I got my own world to look through / And I ain’t gonna copy you ”). The original version apparently is not authorized for YouTube, which is a shame.

8.- “Kyrie Eleison / Mardi Gras (When the Saints)”. Electric Prunes The song that covers the arrival of Billy and Captain America to New Orleans. Electric Prunes was a garage and acid rock group from Los Angeles that did not have much significance, but was immortalized by being included in the Easy Rider soundtrack with this mystical and psychedelic cut.

9.- “It’s Alright Ma (I’m Only Bleeding)”. Roger McGuinn The great leader of The Byrds and his version of this classic composition of the folk-acoustic period of Bob Dylan. The poetic sarcasm of “Everything is fine, baby, I’m just bleeding” is like a ring to the finger inside this unique soundtrack and its final part (and that of the film).

10.- “The Ballad of Easy Rider”. Roger McGuinn A beautiful folk ballad composed by McGuinn himself and one of the songs that remain as a testimony of a decade as moving as it is shaking, as revolutionary as it is contradictory, that was nearing its end and of which Easy Rider represents a more than worthy film show and reliable.