Taking Tea with Alice and the Mad Hatter

Taking Tea with Alice and the Mad Hatter
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I have spoken on several occasions in this space of how Decibel, a grouping which emerged in the seventies, had a major resurgence once we arrive at 2010, a kind of rebirth because from then on they have been seen frequently on stage and in recordings. One of those presentations have been in the Vive Latino is merely anecdotal, because in reality the activity in concert the group is generated in areas where their music finds greater resonance.One of these sites, among others, is the Forum Alicia, where the quartet (Alex Eisenring, Carlos Robledo, Walter Schmidt and Carlos Vivanco) are presented on a regular basis.

Taking Tea with Alice and the Mad Hatter

One of these visits to the place, there arises now Taking the tis with Alice and the Mad Hatter (Grabaxiones Alicia), plate recorded live at the forum Avenida Cuauhtémoc. Before, still as a trio, they recorded Decibel live (Intolerance 2014), but unlike this one, in which the compositions were tested a little in concert, Taking the tea… it is an album that shows the quartet at a good time: without leave any of nostalgia and look toward the future.

The plate collects compositions which have appeared previously in Insect mecánico and Sequences geneandpolicies, and as a novelty it includes improvisation “Taking Tea with Alice” –the version in cassette added a couple of cuts: “dreams in the witch house” and “The color that fell from the sky”, both recorded in the MUAC at UNAM, but more interesting is the Decibel, which is embodied there.

The group returned not to exploit his past, but to pursue a path that they were open in the seventies. Well they could have channeled their recent activity under the parameters of yore; instead, the quatrain has been updated (compositions recent they give drink most of the post-punk Rock in Opposition, but they do not forget their hue avant-garde). To see them interact on the stage, take instruments, other invented, toys and some items that used to produce sounds, it has become a visual appeal.

Have generated a methodology of work that they have perfected live and listen to them settled in, blending. Obviously, the live versions, and therefore the ones included in this album, are the subject of further readings is not very far from the original but different and one of the main changes is given in such a liveliness and dynamism that acquired them in concert the issues primeval (“Krampus” and “Terrorist Couple, for example, are erected in each presentation as the toughest moments and energy).

However, one of the moments most outstanding of any direct of the group is when it gets to improvise. There the communication between them is more evident and get tickets very attractive as is the case in the court, “Taking tea with Alice” –although this author has heard moments even better, proof that when you want to, you can be searched for different horizons.

Decibel presents Taking the tis with Alice and the Mad Hatter Friday, November 24 at the Forum Alice. As guests: Man in Motion, and Camille Mandoki.