Sounds of Babel Gare Du Nord: Sensuality Back and Forth

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The duo, which integrates the base of Gare du Nord –François Inca (keyboards and vocals) and the Dutch Dr “Doc” Dinant (guitars and vocals)– look for print diversity to the concept of your name in more than one plane. As diyéis and producers of dance floor electronic, saw the title of your project a great variety of communicating vessels. Your sound in the hypermodern TWENTY-first century would be multigenérico, intercultural and wrapped in atmospheres and textures, as rhythmic as relaxing.

The binomials are your bra and reason to be and contain what is covered between the blues and jazz and electronic, the stadium cool of miles Davis, the emotion soul of Marvin Gaye and the world that dwells between the artificiality of neo disk’s parade of fashion and aestheticism of the film noir French. The common denominator of all this is sex that, as a train full of surprises, arrives at or departs from station in paris that gives its name to the grouping.

The geography in which is located the duo has its middle point in the north station of Brussels, the capital of the European Union, and its variegated cosmopolitanism. From there take the metaphor of the destinations various. They took Paris as the first destination of his musical journey. The sound of the life of this city permeates his debut album: In Search of Excellounge (2001), in which handle the content as an aesthetic manifesto plurifuncional.

With the piece, “Pablo’s Blues” –the single that catapulted him– reinforced the bed of the ancient and contemporary sound of the Delta with the flow of electronic impulses. To do this, samplearon the legendary Robert Johnson, and gave prominence to the guitar slide of the indisputable master. They handled it with subtlety, to achieve nuances devilish in this new crossroads for the blues with trad jazz and the multiple possibilities of the electronics.

If Excellounge had to the French capital as inspiration (with sounds and succulent atmospheres full of their language and their clubs, characters, catwalks, streets and rooms), in its second installment, Kind of Cool (2003), the couple of musicians and producers, took care of display with all the splendour of its essence. In addition to the ubiquitous Johnson, was also the mood of the miles Davis cincuentero. In the tracks that up there is a walk that runs quiet due to a murky retro-disco new yorker, to get then to a sophisticated chill-out central europe and finally to the warm and satin-relax with the downtempo mediterranean. “Sold My Soul”, the example.

The concept of “club” had been extended with multiple proposals for Europe and Gare du Nord created the sound of your own Club (in 2005); with him, in passing, he paid tribute to the pioneers of the sound FM (Steely Dan), “Go Back, Jack!”. Your woven carpet of sounds attracted the cream of the hallmarks of jazz: Blue Note record label that signed and fulfilled its requirements: creative freedom, to redesign their covers and the permission to use the master ‘s original “Sexual Healing” from Marvin Gaye to work on it.

All your wishes were granted and under its blanket appeared the thirteen new tracks from the duo of libertines: Sex’n’Jazz, Vol. 1 of a Love Trilogy. As guests were the seductive song of the Italian Dorona Alberti, Paul Carrack (brilliant singer / songwriter of the british rock) and the voice sampled from Marvin Gaye. The aura of the tape of Louis Malle Ascenseur pour l Échafaud served as a point of reference for this film noir music. In 2009 they published Love For Lunch, sensuality several for lunch, voluptuous style Bond…, James Bond, and in 2011 appeared Lilywhite Soul that would be his last full-length, at least until now.