Serrat and Sabina Together for the Third Time in Mexico

Serrat and Sabina Together for the Third Time in Mexico

“The songs are lies, they
are beautiful lies that serve
to correct the atrocious truth of life.”

—Joaquin Sabina

It will be next November that Joan Manuel Serrat and Joaquín Sabina present themselves in our country with their tour There are no two without three, third version of what were the previous and successful Two birds with one stone, made in 2007, and Two birds counterattack, of 2012.

The five presentations they will have in Mexico will be the beginning of a journey that will have to travel several Latin American countries.

The personal friendship and chemistry between these two great exponents of the Spanish song is reflected in each of their concert performances, which deprive not only the well-known musical and lyric quality, but also the self-confidence, the Good sense of humor and irony present on stage. Zero solemnities between these two men and that is something that your audience always appreciates. The Catalan and the Madrid converge as if it were a meeting between Barça and Aleti on a neutral court, that court where the great compositions that both have written throughout their already mythical artistic careers flourish.

On the reasons for this third meeting between Serrat and Sabina, the latter has pointed out that “when the first tour ended we said we would not do a second, when the second ended we said we would not do a third, but do you remember the party, of that degree of communion so great with people? There were three or four generations who did not go to see a concert, but to make a kind of intergenerational party, they knew the songs, some had fallen in love with them … and we had a great time. And then we have the great luck that our women, instead of being vipers and hate each other, love each other very much. Traveling with them is a pleasure. ”

For his part, Serrat pointed out: “In the time that passed from the last time until now, we have aged a lot and we have become very grumpy and that gives us a huge amount of wonderful possibilities.”

About how the project originally came about, Sabina commented during an interview with the Argentine newspaper El Clarín:

This, for me, was a kind of unrealizable dream. When he sang in bars, on the street, in the subway, in London, at the age of twenty-five, he sang songs of Serrat. I knew the whole Mediterranean album . And Serrat was always the greatest, the teacher of all. Getting on stage on an equal footing, so many years later, for me it was an incredible enjoyment. I remember very well. I was terrified. I still am, but then I had an excess of respect for him, for me it was like a mixture of Gardel, Maradona and Evita. I have never been a very sure type of myself, but then he made it easy from the first moment. I do not know how to send and he is very gifted to do so. On the first tour I followed his orders and everything went very well.

In the same interview, Serrat added:

Part of that we have decided to join together to do some performances that have been much more surprising, fun and bright than we could imagine, is that we have a relationship of many years. I remember that Joaquin came often when he recorded and taught me his songs and I thought:  This is better, this one is very good, this one above all take it out if you can.” And he can tell you this: I’ve always been wrong. Luck that he has never listened to me. Joaquín Sabina has reached the cusp of his fame thanks to not paying attention to me. About the moment we said “let’s do this,” I don’t know exactly when it was, but I know it was night. I know we drank a lot. And I know that the next day we regret it.

The dates confirmed so far for the presentations in Mexico of No two without three are the following:

November 29 and 30: Mexico City
December 4: Monterrey December
6: Guadalajara December
9 and 10: Mexico City
December 13: Querétaro