Norwayy: Do What You Want to Do

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They are a duo of girls who met each other some day in the career of graphic design. Your taste for the cool wave and the Flying Objects Not Identified were taken to forge the greatest displays of friendship that can be registered in this galaxy: a rock band.

Influenced by Beach House, the Norwayy are creating a sound, strong, as strong as the landing of a beamship on our planet, and at the same time sweet, almost as sweet as the kisses of Semjase, the alleged extraterrestrial nordic. A combination of pheromone and ufology. Keyboards and tender a battery possessed, as if Linda Blair were to strike the cymbals.

They are talented, they are beautiful, they are rocking, are Norwayy and are here to show us that the Do It Yourself (DIY) is more alive than ever.

Currently, Norwayy promoting their first self-titled album that contains the tracks “You Talk Too Much”, “We Must” and “25 Thoughts in my Head”, which can be streamed via their Bandcamp:

What is the medical part of the underground in Guadalajara
The movement under in Guadalajara is characterized by having many bands of quality and a lot of support among the same scene; but being in clusters are independent, we have to fix with our own means, for festivals or larger events only focus on groups with greater experience or who are from outside. So it just remains of a soup: throw all the enthusiasm possible with what we have.

How did you meet Gabriela Navarro and Rocío Márquez? 
We met in college, studying graphic design.

Who is the other girl that use to play with you? 
She is Mary Jimenez and is our bassist officer, although sometimes put with Carlos Gallo Taco Bamboo.

What is the name of the duo? 
The name we took from the song “Norway” by Beach House, just changed a little writing.

What represents for you the punk and the DIY? 
Punk represents for nosostras do what you want to do that goes very of the hand of the DIY: do it yourself, with what you have on hand but with the heart.

How has been the reception of your first EP? 
O luxury!

Tell me of the video of “25 Thoughts in my Head”. 
Well we have two videos on Youtube, one is a session held by the girls of WTVR and the other is a video is not official but cool, done with recuts of some of our favorite movies. Oh and there’s also a video of a remix, with illustrations of TSMFlaming and animated by Sickprophet Vj.

How was it working with Ozzo Grizzly in the master of your disc? 
We work very comfortable, it is a very enjoyable and fun, so that was very comforting to have worked with him.

What other bands tapatia feel twinned Norwayy? 
The truth we are twinned with all the bands we shared the stage, maybe not by musical style but by the fact that we are just throwing all the enthusiasm as independent musicians and that makes us late a lot.

What comes to Norwayy in 2018? 
We plan to launch our second EP.