Goat Black, Something More Than a Group Heavy

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Ramón and Fausto Arellano (guitars) and Abel Lizarraga (drums) met in Sinaloa, where even shared a few groupings, but the need to find new spaces and musical work led them to Guadalajara.

It was in 2016 when the three gave way to Goat-Black, name, says Fausto, “loaded references: refers to scenarios where they worshiped the god Pan in the middle of the nature, Baphomet or pentagram used in practices that are more obscure. We believe that it represents the atmosphere we seek to create and the images that we want to turn”.

A few months ago, the trio launched Volume Death, a first production in which there is no color and everything is marked by shadows and hollows. It is a work entirely instrumental, composed of riffs repeated at pitches low and with heavy distortion, guided by a battery intense” that builds “a chaotic landscape upon which descends a storm cosmic noise, horror and psychedelia dark”.

However, the words do not describe fully this disc whose beginning (“Descend”) is slow and abominable. More than an omen, it is the assertion, as indicated by the title of the court, to be on the threshold of a slope and those guitars, always torn and hurtful, they mark the path that takes us to the depths of a region uncertain, but in where you can hear the crawling of fantastic figures of the size immeasurable.

However, when the next track starts (“Cult of the goat black”), we realize, thanks to a voice sampling, that the journey is not an underworld, but a journey for this land, for the regions where there is despair, the hopelessness, the chaos.

Says the trio Volume Death is “a story of death, destruction and chaos in areas such as nature, religion and humanity in general, by the hand of man as by extraterrestrial forces and supernatural”. While there is not a precision about what those forces, the music paints images terrifying. In “Hypnos”, for example, the guitar lets out a few notes that usher us into a dreamlike state by which it parades a movie heinous that we do not want to see, but to which nor can we close our eyes.

“Enki”, the longest track on the album, is restlessness pure from its beginning, with a few effects of chains and a voice sampled you announce something fateful to then materialize in sounds with ridges and some valleys through which Goat Black continues on this path of density, feeling aggravated with these laments that they babble and pass through the wall of darkness created by the instruments.

Says the guitarist Fausto Arellano that the group “could be called in a simplified manner as a sludge/doom. We seek the aggressiveness of hardcore and noise, and this lead to slow rhythms and tunings severe features of the doom. We want to be a band ‘heavy’, regardless of what genres they cross”.

Yes, Volume Death is heavy, a kind of claw that grips and freezes; sometimes it allows for some dynamism (“Reverse Inquisition”), and even passes some light folds, but it always maintains that tone of extreme density own of the music of the grouping. The album is also a journey that closes with “Ascend”, as if after having carried out this trip, would go back without a dent, no damage. But it is not. What words do not say is that there are musics devastating, and the Goat is Black as well.