Gang Tour: To Break Monopolies

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Before the fragmentation of markets that you mark the twists and turns of the music industry, one of the possible strategies to cope with it is the synergy. When some sectors of the population, pushed by opinion leaders of great ignorance, speak of the absence of mexican rock, it is necessary to take the hand of the resistance, and flip to those websites that are not the Palace of Sports, or the Vive Latino, the National concert hall or the Auditorium Plaza; yes, looking at the small clubs, a natural site in which it is born any group.

This week starts Gang Tour, a small tour in which Ships D Paper, USSR Under the tree, Dandy Overdose, it Was “Vulgar” and ” long Live the King will visit some cities of the country to promote their work and try to expand their market.

“Gang members Tour –they say– we want to create links between the bands, the forums and the public of different latitudes, with the goal of strengthening the independent music scene and encourage its consumption.”

If in reality there is a democratization of the media, the mere mention of these names would ensure the success of this mini-tour; however, some similar experiences have shown that despite the offer, the public is reluctant to novelty. Unfortunately, I don’t know all gather under the terrifying name of Gang Tour, but the production of two of them is a good example of other forms of manifestation of mexican rock.

USSR Under the Tree (Mauritius Only, voice; Exael Salcedo and Rogelio Gomez, guitars; Christian Villanueva, drums; Jonathan Arellano, sax, keyboards, and Javier Jara, bass) was formed in 2009 and, to date, has three productions. Last year they released Multiverse disc , risky and in which for the first time gave way to the song. The step was risky, but resolved in a satisfactory way. Probably in his lyrics is a bit ambitious, but musically they were open to experience. Input, it seems not to offer secrets and repels his former followers; but to listen to it more closely, one notices the sound of the production.

Multiverse is solid. There is in him a good composition, the execution is flawless. The band works songs, but these do not equate to a conventional structure, there are breaths of progressive rock, dyes fusion, hints of pop, hints of jazz, but the whole is woven harmoniously and does not result in eclecticism. For some, three albums in nearly a decade may seem little, but every one of them shows a group on the rise and increasingly robust.

For its part, Boats D Paper (Eduardo Reyes, vocals, guitar; Daniel Diaz, guitar; Jose Gabriel Montoya, drums and percussion; and Alejandro de la Rosa, bass) launched a Laboratory maze, third album of a career that began six years ago. In it, the group consolidated a sound that has the peculiarity of not stick to a formula. At its base is the rock that works as the cement, on which are sliding the other impulses, whether they be jazz, folk, progressive, funk, rap, or slightly experimental.

In direct the quartet is powerful. In them the fine and the energy will tend the hand and from this alchemy emerges a music powerful, full of nuances, with a rhythm section, a solvent, a guitar soloist who takes to walking alone, which in themselves are a delight and a vocalist, in addition to singing with the organ, he writes lyrics in which the reality of this country is a vital issue. Both USSR Under the Tree and Boats D Paper, are two entities undervalued, but of quality beyond doubt.

They say those involved in this brief tour: “We are seeking to be an alternative to the formats, platforms and festivals, already known by the public. We want to leave the scheme and leave behind the big monopolies of the music industry in Mexico. We are convinced that the new times bring with them changes and that these changes must be led by more and new models of organization.”

If you are one of those who believe that here nothing happens, be attentive to the step of Gang members to Tour your city.

Gang Tour begins February 17 at the Beat 803 of Puebla. In march will call in Texcoco (Doppler), Morelia (Tesla) and Chimalhuacán Forum (Vurt); in April: Cuernavaca (The Pit), Toluca (Room Traffic) and CDMX (Multiforo Alicia).