Five Great Jazzy Current European

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Despite its quality of minority genre and little taken into account by the major media, the jazz is still as healthy, resourceful and strong as ever. Many young musicians are still cuddling and between them abound women. Here are five of them, coming from Europe, that are doing very good music.

1.- Lauren Kinsella. Of irish origin and based in London, this great singer is a luminous talent within the contemporary jazz. Splendid improvising vocal, to the front of your project Snowpoet, to the side of the multi-instrumentalist Chris Hyson, has recorded albums as a Butterfly and Under the Moon.

2.- Ellen Andrea Wang. Exponent of jazz-rock, this bass player and vocalist norway brings a proposal full of freshness and inventiveness. Along with his quartet, makes music irresistible that combines with wisdom, the freedom of jazz with strong chords rockers. Sensational.

3.- Cath Roberts. Free jazz, this saxophonist and british explosive, and challenging. Either on the side of Sloth Racket, fantastic combo of london, or the septet Quadraceratops, Roberts plays the same with long improvisations with parts more orthodox structured. A very interesting proposal.

4.- Laura Jurd. Also English, this composer and a unique virtuoso of the trumpet is, perhaps, the jazz musician, europe’s most valued time. With his great quartet Dinosaur has been presented in many festivals around the world. A huge artist.

5.- Isabel Sörling. With a kind of jazz spiritual that hides many of its roots in the traditional music of different countries, this fascinating singer, a native of Gothenburg, Sweden, develops a music intense, either at the front of the group Soil Collectors or with other projects, such as his duet with the French pianist Paul Anquez, with whom he recorded his latest album.