Father Sky Mother Earth: Lo Que Yace Entre Ambos Polos

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A group of friends, among them, Niclas Gerull (bass), grew up in Rendsburg, northern Germany. On the border of the town is Fockbeck, the residence of the guitarist Nico Seel, who at the end of the first decade of this millennium, he founded The Space Spectrum, the solo project rock psychedelic space-time then became a grouping formal.

Niclas found in Seel, the friend suitable for you to chat art, music, culture and, especially, drones. When he began to study graphic design, was the right person to take charge of the art of the albums of The Space Spectrum.

It was then that they both began to give shape to a project focused on long and meditative drones with different influences that work effortlessly. “The nature and reality of human beings was what guided us. That and the contrast of our characters that is accommodated to form a unit”, they say. Thus was born Father Sky Mother Earth and is the “father in heaven” combined with “mother Earth” creates what lies between those poles.

The name they took from the self-titled album from The Cosmic Dead (2011), a band with which they have a great connection. Niclas and Nico claim that his duet “is a new language of communication of hearing that lies deep and is the main center of most of their free time.”

In 2016, they debuted with a production eponymous on cassette, the work whose cover, in black-and-white, it is a symbolism of the two string instruments (bass and guitar) used in the recording, but also refers to the aerósfera that is what keeps you alive to the mother Earth. “The father in heaven —written in your bandcamp— is the cosmos, a guard who watches over your child: the ecology of this planet.”

Two long themes give shape to this first production. In “Father Sky” resonate the strings as if it were a horn that announces a battle. From that moment, we walked on a path vaguely, a path that takes us to that unknown region which is inside of us. The drone initial, that will remain along all cut up to become disturbing, to be reinforced that ominosidad by the pounding of the drums, also always present, but without reaching saturation. There is tension, united states of hypnotics and obviously the intensity increases progressively, and weaves a spider’s web of which it is difficult to get rid of. “Mother Earth”, the other composition, it is equally heavy, a drone infinite, terrible, thick, heavy, a slab which freezes.

Basically, they are the ropes on which gravitates the music of Father Sky Mother Earth, but added drums and different instruments of the world —from Arabia or India, for example— during production, by using the computer.

Music is composed in its entirety. “Sometimes —say— we came together to improvise and create structures from it. At the end, although it may sound variable, all of the time is fixed, changing small details from time to time, from one concert to the next, the first recording to a rewritable. What separates us from other groups is that we do not talk about music all the time, or how heavy, diabolical dark or leave things. It is a human condition that unites us. And this contrast of spirits is what you can hear”.

Seven months after their first production and again on cassette tape, the duo known Across the River of Time. On the cover, in sepia tone, appear mountains, and on them, some sheep that have lived in this exile, cold and of stone for generations. As in its predecessor, here the density is deepened, the dark tone prevails (“The Return of Alhazred” begins with a fragment of a narrative of H. P. Lovecraft), but the battery that guide both compositions is heard more dry, while the guitar creates passages more sicodélicos and next to the under generates a state of vulnerability. Two albums of psychedelia and drones, of slow development, in which there is no exabruptos, but in the end it ends up overwhelmed by the heaviness unfolded.

Father Sky Mother Earth regrabó recently their first productions, “because we feel that we have to recapture the moment and analyze our approach to that.” Also prepare for the middle of this year the release of his first vinyl: “From our recordings of 2016 we have learned more musical techniques that we are trying to put in practice in that recording. Now we can ‘audioalizar’ best what we feel. But our language has also changed from 2016 and therefore this recording will be special, because it combines two different people in two different moments of time.”

They conclude: “we Could do two albums in a month, has to do with the time and the mood in which we find ourselves in that moment. The music represents our soul in a certain period. On the other hand, we could also make an album in two years, depends on what you want to achieve with a realization, in which direction the music as a visual language could go in the next recording. It is not a question of quality or quantity. With every production we give our best to transcribe the time. And if this language is not understood, but felt, felt the same way, that is just what you seek.”