Expectations: More on the Beatles

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The Beatles are a serious philosophical problem, all we get in conflict. Can’t place as something fixed or definite. Move. Not very good for complete, nor are they something all bad. Such is its enduring importance. Make you think, feel and act in many ways. Let them be post-hippie pacheco carnivore and post-punk vegan puritan.

They are a phenomenon encompassing many defining elements and co-founders of the second half of the last century for the western civilization and its global effects. Culture, counterculture, subculture, ignorance and caricature that rhyme. Intensify and sublimate all the contradictions of the market and the show. Since we are a good momentous industry of the mass culture, until they are a fashion of fashion and a design image; as they are also a political event of many facets and layers of action, until the same are a figure of revolt protein and always fun as individualism libertarian.

This is why the Beatles, in turn, are a phenomenon encompassed by the order slow-capitalist fetish, midnight of nihilism; they are an overloaded object of unconscious desire, desire untold, and undecidable; a dark object of the libido, the collective transformed into alienation of personal compulsive. Popular music that is entangled with the everyday life of the multitude and the individual, leading to experiences particular intense, definitive, on many levels of existence. Brands of memory.

The Beatles are a phenomenon equivocal and univocal. Something ambiguous, very ambiguous, because in principle they deny everything you say and vice versa. Are commercial and counter-cultural, rebellious, domesticated, avant-garde and reaction, vulgar and refined, aesthetic, and rascuaches, puerile and profound. Nothing is stated clearly, nothing is final. You know why. But also the Beatles are unique in a superlative way, in both that are part of a phenomenon completely unique, unmistakable, out-of-series. Do not have equal or equivalent in any sense, as they produce many forms of copying and imitation, which includes the removal of voluntary of them and their world.

Since then, the Beatles represent a lesser evil of the time, while constitute a pseudo-religion to be very good wave; a religion without hatred and without dogma, a religion of the human on the human, to cross the nihilism. So also are the drama of the time, because, well seen and thought out, do know that you can not believe in anything, much less on the religion and the Beatles: “I don’t belive in the mantra”.

The machinations of the consciousness to the Beatles as a problem of thinking and existence is not found limit. Degenerate the borders of ethics, logic, aesthetics and metaphysics, make the to think free to move away from what is set, and imposes no self-reflection.

How do we preserve the innocence in the face of the phenomenon of the Beatles? If everything has been said, good and bad. If all the time is league with them. And even so, always connected with innocence and amazement as to what is real. Freshness and innocence, even in the tragic and bloody. That is: for some, knowing how to age with wonder, and for others it is a matter of learning to be a young man amazed; because the Beatles, as you see, one day, we occupy all of life.