Expectations “In what to heaven kiss”

Expectations “In what to heaven kiss”

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Make prose prose, SM, you write about the music of Jimi Hendrix. There is no transparent Hendrix.
Everything is endless maze.

Write your desire, transmit the vibrations of your being. Make the synthesis of Hendrix according to your experience of rock.


Are You Experienced (“You Have Experience”, 1967), the first vinyl LP recorded by The Jimi Hendrix Experience, I find valuable for many reasons. I see it as one of the best albums of the sublime decade 1965-1975. The most authentic and masterful as a prime opera, because he also convinced the mass that he received the applause of intelligence.

I am increasingly interested in listening and commenting on this Jimi Hendrix album because of its accumulated history; it contains the “episteme” or “image” of an era, for all the culture of subversive resistance that it has provoked and convened in half a century. It is the acid blow of psychedelia and the rumble of the Vietnam War, the revolt of free love and the eclectic clash with the East; all in jipious and very eccentric science fiction version. Something unusual with popular music. Be effectively lasting.


That is why I want to bring it to the attention of new generations and remind people of my generation, who saw it coming and make the face of rock change completely. Now that Jimi Hendrix has been dead for almost fifty years. Know how to appreciate the rock virtues of this black acetate album that had several relatively different presentations in song content, but all structured with the same narrative spirit. The spirit of the “heavy metal” ( heavy metal ) that “falls boiling from the sky”, as the legend tells that one of his first serious reviews presented it.

The key to everything is in Hendrix’s guitar, in its technical transformation. If all the resources he uses were already present in rock, the way he makes them stand out and unfold from piece to piece is unique, inimitable, unmistakable. Your formula and your signature. There is an electric intensity that separates two different instruments like the electric guitar from the acoustic guitar, a monstrous electricity that emerges entirely in any electric reproduction of the recording. Our music. A strong technical change that immediately placed Hendrix as one of the most important guitarists in history, as close to Eric Clapton as Django Reindhart and Andrés Segovia. Instead, the lyrics of his songs were the weakest point of Hendrix, who had no verbal poetic skills,

The current conditions of production and the new media of popular music make the production of such a work impossible to a certain extent, a conceptual album with a whole city structure. Now loose songs predominate again, as in the rock of the fifties of the last century. It was during the sixties and seventies when it became possible to produce these complex architectural constructions, such as Sergeant Pepper of the Beatles, Tommy of the Who, Trout Mask Replica of Captain Beefheart and The Magic Band or The Wallfrom Pink Floyd. That is why I think it is important to constantly reassess their sociocultural importance and how much they can mean in this moment of fragmentation and superficiality.

The songs that make up Are You Experienced form a musical fantasy in which an open modular structure story is told, because all the parts form a unique narrative, but the narrative combinations can be organized in different ways. This modular character of the work is one of its main qualities as a concept itself, because it does not have a certain beginning or end, it can begin and end in many ways, it is an open work. The selfish linearity of possessive individualism is broken.

So it turns out that this important first LP of The Jimi Hendrix Experience There is an English version, made by the company Track, founded and led at that time by ma nagers of the Who, Kit Lambert and Chris Stamp; as there is also an American version, made by the Reprise brand. Both have the same basic pieces, but they are not the same. Which demonstrates in principle the multimodal value of the story or plot of Are You Experienced as a conceptual opera. I comment this time the order of the American version, according to the CD that also includes the English and the singles that accompanied it.

The integral story as a concept is a science fiction novel, a wide play of mirrors between times and parallel worlds. They are small vignettes of life, moments of crisis and mystic utopia, contrasts, irony and good vibes. A psychedelic journey through the memory of an old man proud of his youth, someone who has traveled through time and space: “I Don’t Live Today.” Someone who tries to understand the incomprehensible game of love from tragic jealousy, “Hey Joe”, the only composition that is not Jimi Hendrix. Just as someone who emancipates his mind and body through the erotic paths of psychedelia and free love, “Love Or Confusion.” Everything can go as far and as deep as the imagination of the listener of the work you want, all the pieces are triggers of concepts and feelings, Moments of sublime existence in the experience of what should be called rock freedom, something only possible this intense and multi-lingual in that historical moment. Vietnam War and growth of the welfare of globalization, sexual liberation and fear of atomic bombs.

The point of the album, the piece where the whole is held as a novel-form and musical construction, is “Purple Haze”. From that moment he became the signature of Hendrix, the synthesis of all its virtues, both as a guitarist and as a composer and poet. As soon as you hear the first guitar notes and you are already in another state of existence, everything in this piece is to go up in a spiral of purple sparkles, yes, misty purple. It has the key detail in which the one who sings asks that we excuse him in what goes and kisses the sky, a surreal and romantic, touching figure, a rehilete in the center of an electric hurricane of that trio of power. The dialectical overcoming of blues and ballad, in a tone and style already affected by the Dylan of “Like a Rolling Stone”.

And its perfect harmonic chord is found in “Third Stone From The Sun”, where what is achieved by the superb performance of the trio of musicians is jazz itself, the core of American music, a creative situation to which few others bands of the time arrived without losing the applause of the mass audience. As far as Miles Davis and as psychedelic as Cream, without distractions, a piece lasting almost seven minutes, underground, not made for normal radio. Listen carefully to the braid of syncopes that weave the three instruments without stumbling, rarely have so few achieved so much with so little and without unnecessary bragging or firuletes.

“Fire” is the piece that expresses the weight of the trio, its novelty in that historical moment and the difference that keeps them in force, and all at the speed of a spacecraft aimed at another planet in the solar system. It is the acidic and metallic acceleration of Hendrixian rock that thus dialogues with the rumblings of “Manic Depression” and the cave obscurities of “Love or Confusion.” Perhaps the most shocking and without concrete background is “Are You Experienced?”, The question that receives the entire album as an answer. The electric guitar behaving as only Jimi Hendrix knew how, secret alchemy. Even the most seemingly calm song, “May This Be Love”, has a subversive cadence, reaffirmed by the drums, a hypnotic effect to enchant cobras and make them perform entire plays of the theater of the absurd in Bollywood plan. Each piece of the set has its own personality, it is the thousand and one facets of rock, not only traditional blues or pop ballad. Now that rock and pure rock.

We are enveloped and dominated by the technical thing itself, the spirit of the inhuman of the spectacle of the technical reproduction of whatever. The inhuman as a compass or a smartphone, the inhuman of the technique that saves us; as long as the light doesn’t go out. A postmodern recording, a copy without original, a spectrum that is affirmed as a communicative experience, a reflection that remains fixed on the surface of the mirror, the virtual memory of the music that represents this thing recorded by Hendrix, a materialized and restless material fantasy Like the real thing. A technical recording and, therefore, something intangible and abstract. Electronics and music It is not live music, nor can it be dead music, not exactly. Machines do not live or die, they are otherwise. Hence the astonishment and chicken meat. Feel a gear inside themonstrous cyborg from The Jimi Hendrix Experience, an anonymous collective experiment with a metasubjective personality signing and affirming it, something like Godzilla after taking a flick of fashion runway with Marylin Monroe. No fuss. Not to leave by the realistic tangent. The cosmic powers of Noel Redding on bass, Mitch Mitchell on drums and Jimi Hendrix on electric guitar. A recording out of series. Of those that today bring together several generations that roll the churro, smile, meditate a bit and occasionally make the air guitar; to bite his ropes as Hendrix did. Then the sky. And there you look.

“Madam, where there is music there can be no bad thing,” Sancho Panza tells the duchess in the sacred second part of Quijote de Cervantes. Praise be!