D-Paper Ships: Always with Something to Tell

D-Paper Ships: Always with Something to Tell

It is often said that the lyrics of the national rock are going through an unfertile period, in which the concern for everyday themes shines through their absence. True, escapism predominates; reality, it is said, is already raw and does not need to crumble further; However, there are those who think otherwise.

D-Paper Ships is approaching a decade of work and at the end of this they will be able to take a satisfactory balance. The quartet composed of Eduardo Reyes (vocals and guitar), Daniel Díaz (guitar), José Gabriel Montoya (drums and percussion) and Alejandro de la Rosa (bass) have three albums in tow: Barco D Papel (2012), Resistencia (2014 ) and Labyrinth Laboratory (2018).

In them we find the layout of a sound that step by step has become a distinctive unit in which the balance is important, because although the group has been characterized since its inception by promoting letters away from the guidelines of fashion and the agendas imposed and forever tell something, in music they have found the path that allows them to take rock in its breadth and visit jazz, funk, progressive, rap and even some touches of experimentation.

In the homonymous album we have already foreshadowed the features that have gradually given a face to this group. There are songs like “Evidence of another crime”, “Ship 6”, “Paper ships” (“Dream of paper ships / that are lost in his room / that he may not see again / He seeks cotton skies / In a world of lies / Where money is worth more than imagination ”) or“ We are well ”a construction in which I notice some seasoning of pop seasoned with a modern progressive rock school, some echoes far from King Crimson in its stage Eighties, but also looks at the funk.

There is a combination of power and softness that although it is not new, not everyone can successfully complete it and the quartet seems to specialize in it. “Genesis”, the inaugural song, is an example. Initially, the phrase “love began, war began” exposes without the need to resort to more arguments not only of what he will speak, but of the dichotomy to explore and that in music finds its correspondence. The composition goes from a look to pop rock and then go through jazz, with a delicious guitar that preludes an outburst of fury without neglecting the fine details. “Friday”, for example, is pearl of psychedelia in a single guitar trepidatory.

Ships D Paper is a grouping of nuances, it is like looking at a color scale that changes not quickly (although if they propose it they can do it) but gradually and in that transition it leads us through different moods. It is a band that the recordings are good for, but live is made of a new face.

There they become wild, overwhelming; but they are also fun, danceable when they introduce funk into their creations and the progressive part they wear never feels pretentious. It is a powerful group. In them the finesse and energy reach out and from that alchemy a powerful, rich, colorful music emerges, supported by a competing rhythmic section, a guitarist who when he takes the helm does it without blushing and tends to be imaginative alone and a vocalist He sings with his stomach and worried about the chronic-complaint without reaching the pamphlet.

Laboratory labyrinth , his most recent plaque, is a testament to his progress. On tracks such as “Serpent”, “El blues del chairo” or “La revenge de Zapata” the lyrical and musical vocation is reaffirmed, the thirst to venture and explore; but it is not only a confirmation, it is also a breakthrough, because Barco D Papel knows how to go further and even achieves an excellent version of “I love my country”, original by Gerardo Enciso.

I reiterate it: in concert the group grows exponentially, to witness one of its actions is to enter a maelstrom of force and then travel in clouds of cotton. If you really want to know that these four are really made, you have to see them face to face, as if it were a Western movie duel . They will always shoot first, because they are thugs, but their songs include the infusion that will revive us.

Boats D Paper is presented next to La Barranca at the Hilvana Cultural Forum (Puente de Alvarado 17 A), on Saturday, September 14.