Armando Palomas: A Congruent Life

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Armando Palomas already has twenty seven years of musical career in a professional way, a work that exercised from the anarchy and the trenches of poetry exalted that can be tagged as dirty realism, because it aims to reduce the narrative to its most fundamental elements, all by way of a music that defies classification, without genres, completely degenerate.

Jester, stray dog, thirsty tongue of a thousand crotches and female taster tireless tequila more scraping, Armando Palomas today, the musician mexican punk scene underground.

I heard it so many times in my pubescence, I accompanied her in the nights more dipsómanas and sorrows more bitter… Because, who else? What other musician can heal so many wounds? Just Armando Palomas, who leads a life consistent with what the tongue and the pen to spit.

That’s why I’m proud to present this interview in which ahondamos about his method of composition, the beginnings of his musical career, his literary influences, the marginality of the suburbs, women, alcohol, eroticism, drugs, and the mass media.

Why did you decide to change the Jimenez by the Pigeons?
It was not my decision, it was a nickname that the people I awarded, for the sake of the exercise or defect by “palomear”; then I registered the name and now I have two certificates, the birth and the Indautor (National Institute of Copyright), but honestly I find it irrelevant to call me or apodarme in some way or another, the name or name does not change for the entity creative or destructive.

Do you consider yourself a musician marginal?
Marginal if, in the sense that I keep at the margin of the shapes of the creators of artists; but marginal in the sense of the importance, definitely not. My work and my work have spoken for twenty-seven years and I have not stopped turning and produce. I’ve been more prolific that many bands or soloists that are installed on the clouds of the mainstream I have recorded twenty-seven albums, more than three hundred songs, all I sold from hand to hand and built my own label, so I’ve given myself the luxury of not receiving orders and the luxury of not working but I get paid to do what I love and to not perform another activity that is not producing, recording albums, singing and getting drunk. I’m getting closer to the concert number one thousand and seven hundred, all in different forums. I have given concerts in the theatres of luxury and the next day in a bar of bad death. I’ve been at festivals with thousands of people and the next day in a congal singing for twenty beasts who say that they are poets.

Really the background of all in music is the way of writing, the composition. How is this phenomenon in yourself?
Making songs is a trade like any and in my case, there is no magic process or muse. Simply, the day that something I am outraged, hurt me, or I destroy you, I come with the melody and lyrics at the same time. If you don’t do it in five minutes and if I start to think of what words rhyme with others, that is garbage.

There are No more than two rules for writing: having something to say and say it. What is your address?
There is No speech as such, is to live and to write, record and sing it, in order to receive enough money to have the time and leisure to go on living, making mistakes, and live a life congruent with what the tongue and the pen to spit.

Acquire the habit of reading is to be constructed a refuge from almost all the miseries of life, said William Somerset Maugham. What are your favourite authors?
I will mention five titles: Postman Charles Bukowsky, On the Road by Jack Kerouac, Porn for losers of Israel Miranda, Collected Poems of Lenore Kandel and Dark Dealer of Great Dao.

What poetry or narrative?
The curse, the blessing, the bed linen stained, the disappointment, the horror, the madness, the promiscuity, the hunger, the kisses and the truth for the grotesque that is, in prose or in verse, will still be poetry.

The battles against women are the only ones that win on the run. What do you think of the misogyny and sexism in the music?
I know musicians misogynists in real life, but who write in pro not to be true. In this sense, there is a double moral. Must have a sense of humor to understand it, you mention: “The battles against women are the only ones that win running away” and I differ totally. I say that “The battles against women always win besándolas”.

What is the most important lesson that you left to be in The group Click?
What’s better for me to left Click was the decision to make a solo career. Since then I understood that I do not like that they want to put order into my disorder and have the freedom to decide with whom I want to share tours. And of course, The Click I left the vice and the love for the scenarios.

One of my favorite songs of yours is “Cholo Story”, tell me about it and how it came about the history.
I lived my adolescence in the city border between the middle class and the neighborhood as such, in the times in that Zoot Suit it was a religion for the pachucos, cholos, brothers of the corner defending the territory and the “jainas” of the same. So the story of “Cholo Story” is just that, a real story. I lived in these two worlds, that of my comfortable fractionation and my friendship with the race of the neighborhood adjacent. One afternoon, I was informed that an enemy gang had killed the “Sagged” and, while I did the paint on a wall, describing graphically the event, I composed this song while you all then tattooed a tear.

Why is it that when one listens to your music they immediately think of alcohol?
Tequila and I have such complicity, that secret. It is something that apparently is very easy to say or explain, but not just any creator achieves this connection; but the truth is, because I assume, so I see, well I know, well I drink and understand my songs does not require much science. I speak of alcohol and I like to party, I’m the baby while singing songs, and my drunken stories of science fiction.

Your lyrics seem to be full of eroticism.
As George Perros said: “Give him to eat and drink, your body joy, Macarena”.

What is your drug favorite?
My drug favorite yet to discover. I’m in that process and has nothing to do with chemical or herbal. I think that my drug favorite has long legs and a tattoo near the ass.

Tell me about your self-imposed exile in the mass media.
It was never a self-imposed exile. It was a decision. It is one of the few good decisions of my life and is related to the consistency and not be part of the worshipers of the shrine.

What disc would you take to the tomb of all your repertoire?
No disk, no work, that will stay to the history of those who are still alive. Go, or the applause, I’ll take (I think).