Apollo: The Poor and the Dead

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In Greek mythology, Apollo, son of Zeus, was described as the God of Divine Distance, threatened, or protected from the heavens, being identified with the light of truth, and represented by the Sun. Also, from the Chihuahuan desert leads to a stream of light in the manner of riff, a rock classic blunt, a lighting and sound electric –eclectic– which boasts of its power and iridescence in all of the scenarios that illuminates.

Is Apollo, a rock band founded in January of 2007, basadao in the artistic currents, postmodernists, and influenced by the psychedelic rock of the 70’s. He has recorded, in addition to an initial EP of the same name, The time is hoy, Apology, Banished, you Were mine a summer, a Third solar (which contains “steppenwolf”, “Siddhartha” and “astral Travel”, all issues based on the literary work of Herman Hesse) and Guardian, produced by Omar Rodriguez-Lopez.

Apollo knows that the wilderness represents our land, the difficulties to adapt to the environment and the shortage. The poor and the dead, the latent reminder that life is a struggle.

The group has said that forge music from Chihuahua is interesting, “given that the exhibition is purely local. Despite digital media, shows in vivo are very local all the time. But once you come out, you realize that the proposals are so general tints, very more goal-directed”.

The view that the geographical neighborhood and cultural with the united States has shaped your music, because that is a factor of important influence on any musician, but your rock is played “without labels”, because to define is to limit yourself. Since the year 2007 commune religiously with the rock, giving it, loving it and pregonándolo.

Apollo recalls the eccentricities of Omar Rodríguez-López at the time of production. They recorded the battery without realizing that Omar was recording, “he did that so that it had a more natural sound”.

Without a doubt, Apollo thinks that the riff is the best ally of the musician and that there is a transformation bestial on stage for part of them, something that reminds us of the Stooges; that metempsychosis has arisen persistently: “we always pass the same, it is not the same to be chatting with your friends at a place to be running your instrument before an audience, the second makes us vibrate in very different ways”.

Currently, Apollo has been centralized, moving to the City of Mexico to have a greater exposure. “for good or for bad the capital is a point of cultural convergence very vast”.