Alberto and Edgardo Aguilar: 22 Years as Promoters of Jazz

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Talk about the mexican music is on many occasions to talk about the mexican food. It is certainly very well known in the world, but there is food to food… and music to music. If we refer to the high mexican cuisine and want to compare with music of the highest quality that is done in our country, then it is the jazz the best equivalent to taste gourmet.

The jazz is in Mexico a high-risk sport. Despite being one of the genres that are most valued by specialists, it is also one of the most descobijados. It does not matter that it is played by great virtuosos or written by inspired composers who wish to break with the structures established to create a music of high level, the jazz receives little support, and a minimal diffusion in a country that boasts itself as musical.

With a loyal but minority, jazz musicians mexicans have very few places where they could listen to everyday and one of those sites, perhaps the most tradition current, that is to “Treat” this week I met 22 years as one of the most relevant forums in the City of Mexico.

“The Banquet” is an inn café located in one of the colonies most popular of the capital: the Portals. Founded by the brothers Alberto and Edgardo Aguilar, in the company of her mother and her sister decided to found a place which could present different forms of jazz and serve as a cultural center and place in which they also live together and work together journalists, photographers and researchers related to gender.

After these 22 years with the winning formula of good food and good jazz, the brothers Aguilar have managed to constitute a local stranger to snobbery like a style of life; on the contrary, it is a very simple and nice, a bar (or a jazz club) where you can eat a food run, although it also has a kitchen gourmet. However, the dish is strong to the ear. It is a space where program jazz in an uninterrupted manner, from their expressions the most classic to the young musicians, who are in this space the possibility of presenting their proposals.

Lovers and promoters of music, Alberto and Edgardo also sponsor recordings and organize festivals such as the Jazzbook, the Ars Future and the Festival of the International Day of Jazz. These three events are annual and are made in various forums of the city. Also, have sponsored research books, and a collection of jazz and perform in conjunction to your monthly schedule, a series of concerts and projects that allow the dissemination of the mexican musicians.

In an interview for “Chords and desacordes”, commented that 22 years ago it was difficult to find places where the jazz were not subject to the marginality or the snobbery that opened a huge gap between the potential regulars and the rancid lovers of the classic themes of jazz. In Mexico City, there were few places where you could hear jazz of new creation.

“Almost all of the places were bars to listen to rock. Now it is more diverse and although there were other clubs and have emerged in new locations that support the jazz, with whom we are in contact and committed to be able to support us, not all of them have so many years on this that it has become almost a fight against the system, in which sometimes, by promoting beyond “Treat”, we do not make money. However, yes, we won the music scene of mexico will have exposure and that exposure has allowed us to continue for so many years and reinvent ourselves,” says Edgardo Aguilar.

These days, they have made some changes in the schedule. Tells Alberto: “it’s been eight months programming jazz on Saturday afternoons and this has allowed complete families or even parishioners under the age of age can come to enjoy the food and the music; sometimes Saturday, many people have other commitments in the evening, family feasts, even dinner parties by which they came to lose the concerts, but for our customers it has been wonderful to think about in order to eat and have a concert in the evening. Come young people, including children, the elderly, or adult contemporary, listen to jazz and then have the night to what they please, without worrying about being late to such and such a place, even for the insecurity that might exist for the night.”

The brothers say that the key is “jazz as a style of life”, obey to the intuition, the heart and the capriciousness of its own and thereby make the customers happy, who increasingly come from further afield, not only of the city or the country, but to the world. As a curious fact, in a guide of the most prestigious shop Louis Vuitton, in New York, “The Invitation” appears in the recommendations of places to live the experience of the traveler in the CDMX. A place where you hear the sounds of Agustín Bernal, Iraida Noriega, Alex Otaola, Héctor Infanzón, Daniel Wong, Diego Maroto, Germán Bringas, Mark Miranda, Alain Derbez, Tod Clousser, Remi Alvarez, among many other exponents of national and international.

“The Banquet” will celebrate its 22 years of uninterrupted programming on Saturday 10 February 2018 with a menu of gourmet special and the musical part will be the guitarist, arranger, musical director and composer Roberto Arballo, “Betuco”, 14 hrs in the first set and at 16 hrs in the second. Calle Ajusco #79 bis. Col. Portals. CDMX.