12 Popular Plays of the Baroque

12 Popular Plays of the Baroque
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Inside of that vulgar and incorrectly referred to as “classical music”, one of the periods more rich and stunning is the the european baroque, that can be located with a certain degree of arbitrariness between 1600 and 1750, that is to say, between the rise of the opera with Claudio Monteverdi and the death of Johann Sebastian Bach.

Several of the most significant works of the baroque music have achieved great popularity over time and have managed to get to the taste of people who do not usually attend concert halls. Here are a dozen of these well-known pieces.

1.- Antonio Vivaldi. “Spring” (1721). The first part of the famous “Four seasons” by Vivaldi for violin and orchestra is probably the most popular piece of baroque, especially its first movement. Work joyful and melodious has transcended unharmed after nearly three centuries.

2.- Johann Sebastian Bach. “Toccata and fugue in d minor” (1704). The solemn and rumbling sound of this composition has been in the popular imagination ever since, even associated with the literature and film of terror. A work powerful and unique.

3.- George Frederick Handel. “Hallelujah” (1741). Another piece immensely known for the vast majority of people around the globe and which form a part of the work is also very popular: the oratorio “The Messiah”.

4.- Johann Sebastian Bach. “Aria for the g string” (1730). Second movement of the wonderful Suite No. 3 in d major for violin and orchestra, this beautiful and sweet melody has arrived intact and perfect until our days.

5.- Johann Pachelbel, “Canon and jig in d major” (1680). Previous to Bach, also a German Pachelbel was immortalised for posterity with this immersive and fascinating composition for three violins and basso continuo. An immense jewel of the early baroque.

6.- Johann Sebastian Bach. “Concerto Brandenburg No. 4” (1721). Of the six concerts brandenburgueses of Bach it is difficult to elucidate what is the most popular. We are inclined by the fourth, whose first movement certainly is widely known.

7.- Antonio Vivaldi. “Glory” (1708). The “Gloria in excelsis Deo,” will compete in “The four seasons” as the most famous work of prette rosso. This is only a fragment to the delight of our readers.

8.- Johann Sebastian Bach. “Suite No. 1 for cello” (1717). The austere beauty in this famous work of the German rescue her and give her to know Pablo Casals at the beginning of the last century. Here we present only the prelude of the suite.

9.- Jean-Philippe Rameau. Tambourin” (1724). The greatest composer of the French baroque, wrote this nice trinket for the harpsichord that with the time it became widely popular and today it is, perhaps, excuse the paradox, his most popular piece.

10.- Johann Sebastian Bach. “Aria” (1741). Between “the art of the fugue”, “The well-tempered clavier” and “The Goldberg variations” it is difficult to choose a piece of Bach for keyboard only. We are left with this aria of the Goldberg, played by the great Daniel Barenboim.

11.- George Frederick Handel. “Hornpipe” (1717). Famous and precious fragment from the suite “Water Music” of Handel. The suite all it was premiered in a concert on the river Thames in London, at the express request of king George I of England. An orchestra of fifty musicians, sailing on a barge, took charge of the presentation.

12.- Claudio Monteverdi “If sweet the torment” (1624). This is not, perhaps, a work so popular. However, we refuse to leave out Monteverdi, father of opera, and one of the first musicians of the baroque period. This beautiful madrigal of the early SEVENTEENTH century is a splendid example of the quality of his music.

12 Popular Plays of the Baroque