12-Disk Fundamental of Rock for the Year Is Going

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We present our list of twelve basic disks of the year that is ending. We do not claim to be the best, since the subjectivity in the question of taste is always slippery and treacherous. Take it you, that yes, as a list of suggestions of albums that you can’t lose. Happy holidays!

1.- Father John Misty. Pure Comedy. Huge disk of this crooner, composer, musician, showman, philosopher, and poet. With the nickname of Father John Misty, Joshua Tillman presents a work smart and bright, an album of intelligent lyrics, critical and ironic, framed by music of pride. A case in point.

2.- St. Vincent. Masseduction. A work delicious. The fourth album from Annie Clark is a paragon of perfection and delicacy, but at the same time it is a very accessible work. Elegant, subtle, refined, funny, poignant and irresistible. Enough: with these adjectives is more than enough.

3.- Dirty Projectors. Dirty Projectors. If Bob Dylan and Jack White made discs about divorce and separation, why would he not do that David Longstreth, the leader of this project, after its separation and the artistic and romantic Amber Coffman? Although feel the lack of the volatile voice of the singer, the album is a sampler of experimentation and artistic quality.

4.- Queens of the Stone Age. Villains. An album full of hardness and strength rocanrolera, with all the vertigo that characterizes the grouping headed by the quasi-genius that is Josh Homme. Explosive, hard-hitting and uncompromising. Great album.

5.- Laura Marling. Semper Femina. Marling goes beyond the folky sound of their earlier days with a music of apparent simplicity that hides a richness unheard of to accompany those lyrics are always intelligent and provocative. The young singer-songwriter English, to its 27 years, continues to surprise with each of their albums and this Semper Femina is no exception.

6.- Algiers. The Underside of Power. Dizzying, powerful and hyper-politicized fusion of post-rock, industrial and hip-hop. A music so violent as sublime that makes Algiers in this record of complaint policy and of huge quality that is like a mix of TV on the Radio Rage Against the Machine. A slap in the face of a large rock.

7.- LCD Sound System. American Dream. Tim Sendra said on the site Allmusic this is an album for the feet, the head and the heart, and there cannot be a better definition. Despite their lyrics highly critical and pessimistic about the current socio-political situation, the music is danceable and even festive. James Murphy knows how to handle artistically this apparent and splendid contradiction.

8.- Lorde. Melodrama. It is pop rock, but pop rock in its highest expression, pop rock that is transformed by moments (many moments) in art-rock. With higher ambitions than their debut album, the very young new zealander Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O’connor better known as Lorde, presents its 20 years, this job in truth admirable.

9.- The xx. I See You. As if it were the year of the albums sophisticated, the third dish of this british trio maintains and increases the quality of their first two recordings with a most elaborate development of the rhythms and the harmonies. Jamie xx, Romy Madley Croft and Oliver Slim reach a wide conjunction to result in a sublime work.

10.- Aimee Mann. Mental Illness. The veteran singer and songwriter-american, of great fame in the nineties, returns with a play in which the melancholy and introspection mixed with the subtlety and beauty more luminous. A beautiful piece of folk-rock of apparent simplicity and deep depth.

11.- The War on Drugs. To Deeper Understanding. Great fourth album of this grouping alternative in Philadelphia that are yet to reach the heights of his previous album, the great Lost in the Dream 2014, if he continues on the same line with a rock very american that flirts with folk music to Bob Dylan, The Byrds and Tom Petty. A gem to listen to.

12.- The National. Sleep Well Beast. The elegant darkness and the thin depth of the Cincinnati return with this album of sensual, emotional and sensitive. The impeccable musicianship and with a Matt Berninger with the voice fully to interpret lyrics of pain, both social and individual, but without falling into solemnity that always saves the irony. Happy 2018.