10 Basics of Bossa Nova

The bossa nova emerged in the decade of the fifties, as a mixture of brazilian samba and jazz. Here are ten essential compositions from the repertoire more classic of the genre.

10 Basics of Bossa Nova

1.- Waters of march” by Antonio Carlos “Tom” Jobim. One of the most beautiful songs not only of bossa nova but of all popular music of the world. Humorous and full of grace, is inspired by the heavy rains that usually fall in Brazil during the month of march. Their harmonic structure down plays fair with the idea of water falling. The version of 1974, with Jobim and the great diva, Elis Regina is majestic.

2.- The girl from Ipanema”. Antonio Carlos “Tom” Jobim. Surely the bossa nova more known in the world. The composition that Tom Jobim and Vinicius de Moraes he wrote to a young man who saw in a beach of Rio de Janeiro is a classic that truly shines in this version of the own Jobim with Astrud Gilberto and saxophonist Stan Getz.

3.- Folly”. Antonio Carlos “Tom” Jobim. The combination Tom Jobim (composer) and Joao Gilberto (artist) always provided splendid fruits. “Folly” is a perfect proof of this. A bossa nova exquisite and sensitive. A vehicle that makes us float and dream. A theme oddly exultant.

4.- “More than anything”. Sergio Méndez. With his Brazil 66, Mendez helped to spread the samba brasileira and bossa nova to the global level, with a very personal style that emparentaba with the Swingle Singers, the trio of Jacques Loussier, and even with Ray Coniff. “Mais que nada”, was his letter of presentation, and his greatest and most enduring success.

5.- Chega de saudade”. Antonio Carlos “Tom” Jobim. “Enough of sorrow” the meaning of the title of this beautiful composition by Jobim with lyrics by Vinicius de Moraes. It is said that it was the first bossa nova ever composed, the theme that opened this genre. In the video we see an old presentation of Joao Gilberto at the side of his then very young daughter, Bebel, who would after a fruitful musical career.

6.- “Samba de una nota’. Tom Jobim. Precious divertissement Jobim, who plays with the idea of playing a song in a single tone. The version of Ana Rossi and his group is simply charming.

7.- “Out of tune”. Antonio Carlos “Tom” Jobim. Another song is velvety and subtle. Say Jobim wrote it to laugh at those who accuse the boss of being a genre full of chords out of tune. “Se voce disser that eu desafino amor”. A stunner and even more if it is sung by the divine Gal Costa. Because the out of tune also have a heart.

8.- “Drinking water”. Antonio Carlos “Tom” Jobim. Another gem from Jobim, sung by the brazilian German roots Astrud Gilberto (Astrud Weinert was her maiden name), with his sweet voice, small and subdued which was perfect to interpret the bossa nova, is almost always to the side of her husband, João Gilberto.

9.- “Corcovado”. Antonio Carlos “Tom” Jobim. The great Caetano Veloso and his sensitive version of another incunabulum of Jobim. The tribute to the lush terrain which makes the frame to Rio de Janeiro, with mount Corcovado and its Christ as the great watchmen of the city.

10.- “Wave”. Antonio Carlos “Tom” Jobim. Better known by its English name (“Wave”), we are faced with another classical composition of the great Jobim, with the great group Nova. Just enjoy it you, like the rest of the list.