10 (+) 2 Great Versions of “Yesterday”

10 (+) 2 Great Versions of “Yesterday”

Supposedly conceived in a dream by Paul McCartney, “Yesterday” was recorded by the Beatles in 1965, for his album Help! and, according to The Guinness Book of Records , it has been rewritten by more than three thousand performers, which makes it the song with more covers of all times. From Frank Sinatra to Placido Domingo and from The Supremes to Adam Levine, many have tried to endorse this great composition (which according to McCartney himself initially bore the name “Scrambled Eggs”, that is, “Scrambled Eggs”). Bob Dylan described the melody as “mundane and obscene” (they are praise, though it may not seem like it) and also took the time to have his own version. In a London BBC poll in 2006, “Yesterday” was voted “the best song of the twentieth century.” Today, in full 2019, 54 years after being released, the piece has served as a title for a curious Danny Boyle movie recently released in Mexico ( Yesterday, 2019), in which the story of a day is told in which, after a generalized blackout, the Beatles songs disappear from the memory of all humanity and only remain in the mind of a musician, who takes the opportunity to exploit them for his own benefit, as if they were his own. For that reason, here are ten versions of “Yesterday” to the delight of our readers.

1.- Marvin Gaye (1970). The mythical singer of soul music made this more than touching version of the piece. Music critic Larry Vazeos says that “focusing more on words than on melody, Gaye creates something really different and special here. Not only is it the best version of “Yesterday” you have ever heard, but it may also be the best cover of all time of a Beatles song. ” I think it exaggerates, but it is very good.

2.- Ray Charles (1968). If Marvin Gaye’s is an extraordinary version, Ray Charles’s is not far behind (in fact, I prefer it personally). With a touching depth, this genius of music managed to infuse a composition that is full of soul. It is said that Chuck Berry once said that if a song had longed to write it is this; Maybe he said it after hearing it in Ray’s voice.

3.- Elvis Presley (1970). When performing it in concert, Elvis just respected “Yesterday” without trying to invent anything. That was enough to get a majestic version.

4.- Aretha Franklin (1979). Speaking of majesty, this interpretation of the so-called (rightly) queen of soul leaves no doubt of the elegance, depth and physical and spiritual qualities of one of the most beautiful female voices in history.

5.- Frank Sinatra (1969). Impossible not to include here the lavish version of Sinatra, who printed the entire seal of his style with that vocalization that only he was capable of. Total fineness

6.- Bob Dylan (1970). Curious version of “Yesterday”, with the raspy and squeaky but unique voice of Duluth, Minnesota. Sung in concert next to George Harrison, it sounds imperfect (that bass and its tinkering!) And in moments careless, but it does not detract from depth and feelin ‘ . A fun wonder.

7.- Judy Collins (2007). You could not miss a cover from the taste of the sixties folk (even though this version was recorded just 12 years ago) and who better than Judy “The one with the blue eyes” Collins and her perfect velvet voice. A touch of tenderness for the good Paul’s song.

8.- Puddles Pity Party (2017) . Do you want a somewhat friqui version of “Yesterday”. Here, with Mike Geier, who since 2013 has been recording videos with this creepy sad clown costume, calling himself Puddles . His “Yesterday” approach is however more than worthy, with the help of his friend Casey Abrams (former American Idol contestant ) on the double bass.

9.- Modern Jazz Quartet (2010) . The venerable jazz ensemble let the 21st century come to decide to include “Yesterday” in its repertoire. But it was worth the wait: the instrumental arrangement is truly splendid. Classic jazz of the first order.

10.- Cathy Berberian (1967). The great opera singer and this magnificent almost baroque interpretation of “Yesterday”. A beautiful way to complete (almost) this select list.

10 + 1.- MadDriven (2013). As the first pylon, this unusual metal version of a group of Romanian origin. You just listen to it and, why not, enjoy it.

10 + 2.- Eternal Tales (2012). And as a second pylon, how about “Yesterday” punk style, with the Argentine group Eternal Tales? A cover more than worthy.